MacGregor Webinar Series 2020

13 Nov 2020 Reading time calculated text

Whilst safety, asset optimisation, operating efficiency and sustainability remain key considerations in the maritime industry, the willingness to adopt new, digitally-enabled technologies has proven to be challenging.

In these webinars, MacGregor experts will discuss the collaborative approach taken with customers and partners to develop digital solutions that has resulted in a breakthrough in adoption, and accelerated deployment.

"Our focused collaborative development with customers, partners and colleagues has resulted in the installation of digitally enabled solutions, which optimise daily operations. We are happy to share our user-case experiences and startup approach during our webinar series," says Dennis Mol, Vice President Digital & Business Transformation, MacGregor.

ON DEMAND | OnWatch Scout: Learning and capability development based on customer experience

Wednesday 2 December 2020 

In this webinar, Daniel Lundberg and colleagues will provide an overview of the customer experience learning that is supporting the accelerated development of digitally-enabled equipment monitoring capabilities, focused on maximising operational availability, minimising unplanned downtime and more effective planning of maintenance activities.

ON DEMAND | Using digital twins to assure safe and cost-efficient complex operations 

Wednesday 9 December 2020

Through use of a wind energy industry example, Floor Meijs will provide insight in how a virtual reality digital twin enabled us to demonstrate a joint proposed solution to an end-customer. In one glance, operation safety, equipment layout, intended use and overall benefits were coming to life by demonstrating the digital twin.

Take a look at Dennis Mol's video message about the webinars