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We offer a comprehensive range of robust and reliable load handling  solutions for tender rigs that expand operational envelopes and provide operations with optimised long-term safety and efficiency.

Our portfolio includes heavy-duty offshore rated lattice boom cranes (LBC) and deck cranes. They are designed for worldwide load handling service in the harsh and corrosive offshore environment, in climatic conditions ranging from tropical to the Arctic.

In addition, we also offer state-of-the-art electric variable frequency driven and hydraulically-operated mooring systems, which comprise anchor windlasses, chain jacks, traction winches, combination winches, rope/wire winches, guiding sheaves and underwater fairleads. Custom control and monitoring systems provide precise handling and management of a single winch or an integrated system of winches. In most cases, the compact windlasses use environmentally-friendly electric drives and include an emergency release function.

Uptime and predictability during offshore hook-up phases is critical. We believe our business is not just about pulling power, it is about time. Our objective is to help clients manage the offshore mooring phase of their floating drilling units with efficient on-vessel mooring solutions.

Fifty years of working on projects for the oil and gas industry gives us a unique insight into every requirement needed to design effective solutions for it. By letting our multi-disciplined team look at the whole picture, we offer support from concept design through to operation.

Solutions for the harsh environment in the North Sea form the backbone of our engineering team's capabilities and whatever the nature of your project, our dedicated team is ready to ensure your success.

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