Offshore loading terminals

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MacGregor offloading systems enables an offshore unit to safely offload oil to a shuttle tanker or tanker of opportunity.

MacGregor has a strong history of innovation and excellence. Our state-of the-art MacGregor systems for challenging offloading and bow loading projects have placed us at the forefront of the industry.

In-house technical expertise provides customers with safe, integrated and cost-effective solutions. The continued success of our offloading systems depends on our commitment to deliver high-quality products that are operationally safe and environmentally sound.

Our dedication to safety is verified by our long track-record. Integrated safety features are a key part of our designs and ensure crew and vessel safety as well as environmental-protection. They include:

  • Fail-safe brakes
  • Control interlocks
  • CCTV surveillance of operations
  • State-of-the-art alarm system
  • See-through drum flanges
  • Flushing systems
  • Operational redundancy

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