Tankers and gas carriers

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Photo:  Independence owned by Höegh LNG

Safety first

The transportation of oil products, chemicals and gas requires high levels of attention to personnel safety and environmental protection. MacGregor is dedicated to offering safe, reliable solutions for your vessels that transport and handle these commodities. MacGregor works in close cooperation with the IMO, IACS and OCIMF to meet the highest safety standards.

MacGregor is one of the world's leading suppliers of deck machinery, steering gear and cranes for tankers and gas carriers. Several thousand ship sets of Hatlapa and Pusnes deck machinery, Hatlapa and Porsgrunn steering gear and MacGregor cranes have been delivered to vessels sailing all over the world.

For your tanker or gas carrier, we can offer you the following products as stand-alone equipment or as a complete package:

  • Deck machinery
    • hydraulic drive (high-pressure or low-pressure)
    • electric drive (pole-change or variable frequency drive)
  • Chain stoppers
    • traditional roller type with transverse pawl
    • safety roller type with ratchet pawl and patented motor-protection system
    • hydraulic, remote operation
  • Steering gear
    • RAM type including IMO-compliant redundant systems
    • Rotary vane type including IMO-compliant redundant systems
    • Energy-saving variable frequency drives (VFD)
  • Cranes
    • Hose-handling cranes
    • provisions cranes
  • Air compressors
    • starting air
    • service air

Why choose MacGregor systems?

  • Dedicated safety focus
    • Anchor-protection systems
    • Chain stoppers with motor-protection system
  • Market-leading designs
    • High-specification materials (for example, stainless steel brake drum surfaces and stainless steel brake spindles)
    • Maintenance-free brake links
    • Optional split bushings in mooring drums for easy maintenance (patent pending)
  • Lengthy experience
    • delivering winches since 1891
    • delivering steering gear since 1933
  • Close contact with regulatory authorities
    • Windlasses compliant with UR S27
    • Windlasses developed for deep-sea anchoring
    • Winches compliant with CSR
    • Winches fully compliant with OCIMF MEG3
  • Worldwide 24/7 technical support and spare parts handling
    • Deck machinery & steering gear service hubs in:
      • Norway
      • Germany
      • Rotterdam (serviced from Norway or Germany)
      • UAE
      • Singapore
      • Shanghai
      • Busan
      • Rio de Janeiro
      • Houston
  • All key components are sourced from well-known major suppliers ensuring excellent availability of spare parts at a competitive price.