Container ships

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Building a new container vessel is a major investment and the decisions taken at the early design phase will define the loading capacity throughout its lifetime.

The more efficient a container stowage solution is, the greater the number of payload TEUs a ship can carry. This reduces the cost and emissions per carried TEU and at the same time increases a ship’s profitability and income.

Peak efficiency can be achieved by treating the ship’s hull and its cargo handling system as a single optimised entity. Consequently, parts of the container stowage system, such as the hatch covers, lashing bridges, container stanchions, loose and fixed container fittings on deck and in the holds, and the cell guide system in the cargo holds, should be considered from an overall container stowage solution point of view, not as separate products.

MacGregor is unique as the only supplier who can design and deliver all these products, enabling us to take a whole-ship approach and make the most of each ship’s container stowage system.

Efficiency for every vessel size

The design of a container stowage solution for a new vessel involves many different steps and the criteria for different vessels varies significantly and so do their container securing systems.

Whatever the size of your vessel, we know how to design and deliver an efficient cargo handling and stowage system for containerised cargo. We know how to get all the parts of a cargo handling system to work in unison, ensuring that a vessel sails with the best possible performance.

Contact us early in the process and we will optimise your vessel’s cargo system, with a lashing system designed for all operational criteria. For existing ships, MacGregor is able to re-think this system so that it can be used to its maximum capacity on a specific route. MacGregor calls this service a Cargo Boost.