Product portfolio

Bow Doors
Bow Equipment
Bow Ramp
Bulker cranes
Car Deck Ramp
Car Decks
Cargo Lifts
CEH self contained hydraulic winches
Container Cranes
Cruise - Electrically-operated shell doors and platforms
Cruise - Gangway systems
Cruise - Lifting Platforms
Cruise - Shell doors & Platforms
Cruise - Stores & Baggage handling
Cruise - Tender embarkation platforms
CSH central system hydraulic winches
Cylinder Luffing Cranes
Electric Winch, frequency controlled
Electric winch, pole changeable
Electrically Operated Hoistable Car Deck
End-hinged Ramp
End-hinged Ramp Cover
EverEst™ advanced technology bearing pads
External Doors
External Ramps
External side doors
External Side-hinged Door
External Top-hinged Door
Floating Linkspan
Flush station IFS-70
Foldable hangar door
Foldable Stern Ramp/Door
Folding hatch cover
Fully Mobile Linkspan
Grab Cranes for Transshipment
Grip-based Automooring
Hangar doors
Heavy Lift Cargo Cranes
Hydraulically Operated Hoistable Car Deck
Inner Bow Door
Integral Tank Linkspan
Intelligent Control Block
Intelligent Movable Deck Lifter (IMDL)
Internal Doors
Internal Ramps and Covers
Internal Side-hinged Door
Internal Top-hinged Door
Knuckle/telescopic cranes
Lift-on/lift-off hatch cover
Liftable Car Deck
Load Monitor System (LMS)
Mechanical Support Linkspan
Offshore - Hatch Covers
Offshore - Moon Pool Hatch Covers
Offshore DK Cranes - Closed Housing
Offshore gangways - Active motion compensated
Offshore Lattice Boom Cranes - Leg Encircling
Offshore Lattice Boom Cranes - Pedestal Mounted
Passenger Gangway
Piggy-back hatch cover
Port and Terminal Consulting
Quarter Ramp
Rescue Boat Davits
Sealing arrangement
Semi-automatic Mooring
Side loading system - Conveyor system
Side loading system - Side Mover
Side loading system - Side Swinger
Side Ramp
Side rolling hatch cover for bulk vessels
Side rolling hatch cover for OBO vessels
Side-hinged and Sliding Door
Side-hinged Ramp Cover
Single flap hatch cover
Slewing Ramp
Sliding Link Door
Stern Ramp/Door
Stop Fender
Straight boom cranes
Submerged Tank Linkspan
Subsea winches
Tiltable Ramp
Trailer Lift
Tugger Winches
Vertical Sliding Door